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Braun-Bostich & Associates All Weather Wealth Tips

Weekly Wealth Tip

Bad money management. It sounds nasty and you probably want nothing to do with it.

Having a simple, sound money management plan can be the light at the end of the tunnel for anyone trying to get their financial life in order – Get in touch with a financial advisor!

“Yes, the markets do have their seasons, and that includes frequent storms. While we haven’t suffered an impactful market downturn in quite some time, we believe its better to be prepared for stormy weather than be surprised by it.” Amy Braun-Bostich, CEO and Private Wealth Advisor

To avoid making rash decisions in any market condition, consider working with a Financial Advisor

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10 Simple Money Management Tips for Financial Stability

It’s important to take time to manage your finances so that you can have a financially healthy future. If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry – It’s NEVER too late!

Tax Pros and Cons After “I Do”

As a newly married couple, your mind may be far from thinking about taxes.  However, there are important things to take into consideration regarding you future taxes and filing status after saying ‘I Do’. 

Financially Speaking, Is It Better to Have Kids Earlier or Later in Life?

It costs on average $233,610 to raise one child. For most, that’s a significant chunk of change. If you and your spouse are curious about the financial ramifications of having a child earlier or later in life, there are plenty of pros and cons to consider.

6 Steps to Start Your Side Hustle

Having a side-hustle or small business is essential in today’s world.  Its no secret that starting a business on the side takes tremendous effort and hard work, however, the work you put in can be well worth it!  Whatever your side-hustle may be, make sure you set it up for success by following these six steps to getting started…

The Pink Tax: What It Is and How Women Can Properly Budget for It

Being a woman in 2020 continues to offer difficulties, considering females still often earn less than men and sometimes have to spend more, too. Women generally pay more for a number of consumer goods than men and it’s not simply a matter of having different shopping habits. There are, in fact, some items that women need that men don’t, as an example, makeup. Alternatively, there are many items that both men and women purchase but women are often charged more. 

When’s the Best Time to Buy? A Month-By-Month Breakdown

Impulse spending: everyone does it, many regret it. About half the purchases made by young adults are impulsive, but the number tends to decrease with age. Commercialism and online shopping have made spending both accessible and instantaneous.

Looking to let the sun shine on your financial life and save for those rainy days?

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