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Jeff Verszyla, Pittsburgh’s chief meteorologist for 23 years and counting.  

No one knows the local weather, atmospheric influences and microclimates better than the guy who has been living and breathing Pittsburgh weather for over 50 years!

Jeff was born and raised in the Sewickley area, He is a graduate of Quigley Catholic High School (Class of ‘87) and Allegheny College (Class of ‘91).

His weather expertise has been on display since 1996, when he was hired as part of the Hometown Advantage at KDKA-TV.  

Since he came onto the broadcast meteorology scene he has forecasted and covered many memorable weather events--from crippling winter storms to flooding rains to extreme heat and cold to severe weather outbreaks.

After he was let go from KDKA in 2019, long time viewers, who trusted his calm and measured approach to delivering accurate forecasts, asked him to continue giving the weather information they relied on for over two decades... and so, WhiteBoard Weather was born.

Now, the new evolution of gathering weather information and forecasting is here: a man, a WhiteBoard and a forecast!

Pittsburgh Weather Now is the home of WhiteBoard Weather, an on  demand way to get what you need, when you need it. without the wait!  It’s a simple, straightforward forecast without the hype, ’cause Jeff is not that type!

It’s not fear-casting, it’s forecasting.

Pittsburgh Weather Now and WhiteBoard Weather, simply accurate!

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Every weekday at 3PM, Jeff goes live with WhiteBoard Weather, the forecasting sensation that's sweeping the nation.

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