August Pittsburgh Weather Records and Averages

August Pittsburgh Weather Records and Averages

As August arrives, here’s a breakdown of the 30 year climatology and some of the official records for Pittsburgh.


*Average High is 81 degrees
*Average Low is 61 degrees
*Average Rainfall is 3.48″

We will lose 70 minutes of daylight from August 1st until the 31st.


*Hottest Daily High – 103 on 8/6/1918
*Coolest Daily Low – 39 on 8/29/1982
*Greatest Daily Rainfall – 3.57″ on 8/21/1888

*Warmest Mean Monthly Temp – 78.7 from 1900
*Coolest Mean Monthly Temp – 65.3 from 1976
*Wettest Month – 8.29″ from 1864

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