Western PA July Averages and Records

Western PA July Averages and Records

According to climatology, July is the warmest month of the year with an average daytime high of 83 and an average nighttime low of 63 degrees. Over the 31 days, the typical rainfall total is 3.83″ and, perhaps, the worst stat of all, we will lose 41 minutes of daylight by August 1st.

July is also well known for some extreme weather: it could be scorching heat or excessive rainfall.  Here are some of the current records for the month and the years they were recorded.


*Warmest daily high…103 degrees on 7/16/1988…this is also the warmest temperature on record for Pittsburgh!

*Warmest month according to mean…80.3 degrees…from July 1887.  Interesting side note, the top 11 warmest July’s on record all occurred before 1935

*Longest heatwave on record…13 days at/above 90…July 4-16, 1988


*Coolest nighttime low…42 degrees on 7/9/1963

*Coolest month according to mean…67.4 degrees…from July 1976.  Chillin’ for the Bicentennial!


*Wettest day…3.48″ on July 28, 1999.  This is also the 6th wettest day on record for Pittsburgh

*Wettest Month…9.51″ from July 1887.  This is also the 6th overall wettest month on record for Pittsburgh

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