May Weather Recap / June Climatology

May Weather Recap / June Climatology

May in Western Pennsylvania certainly had it’s fair share of up and downs. As you may recall the first two weeks of the month were more winter-like than springtime. It truly was a tale of two seasons. The first 13 days the average high temps was 57, the last 18 days the average high was 75.

Overall for the 31 day period we finished with an average high of 68 and an average low of 48 which (officially) put Pittsburgh 1.7 degrees below average for the month. The warmest temperature was 88 degrees on May 26th and the coldest was 28 degrees on May 9th.

As far a precipitation, there were (officially) 11 days with measurable precip, including a trace on snow recorded on May 8th. Overall, we ended the month with 2.19″ of precipitation, which is 1.76″ BELOW average.

So, at least according to climatology, it was slightly cooler and slightly drier than average for May 2020.

A Rainbow with Rainfall in the Center -- Courtesy of Shelia Shuba

A Rainbow with Rainfall in the Center — Courtesy of Shelia Shuba


Now let me give you some numbers to chew on for June. The average high is 79 degrees and the average low is 58 degrees. Average rainfall is 4.30″, making it one of the wetter months of the year.  We gain 10 minutes of daylight and the Summer Solstice is June the 20th!

Finally, let me give you some June extreme current weather records for Pittsburgh.

*Warmest temp – 98 degrees happened on 3 dates…6/22/1988…6/25/1988…6/4/1895

*Coldest temp – 34 degrees on 6/11/1972

*Warmest June on record…June 1934, monthly mean was 75.9

*Coldest June on record…June 1983, monthly mean was 63.7

*Most rainfall…entire month, 10.29″, June 1989

*Least rainfall…entire month, .61″, June 1894

*Most rainfall…single day, 3.19″, June 16, 1912

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