May Historical Pittsburgh Weather Records

May Historical Pittsburgh Weather Records

Typically May is a month when Pittsburgh settles into spring weather full time. However, like every month, there have also been occasional weather extremes that have occurred over the years. Here’s a breakdown of some the weather records for Pittsburgh for the month of May.


*Warmest Daytime High – 95 degrees on four occasions, all in the late 1800’s: 5/2/1887, 5/3/1887, 5/29/1881, 5/25/1875
*Coldest Nighttime Low – 26 degrees on two occasions: 5/7/1970, 5/2/1963
*Warmest, Entire Month – May 1880, mean monthly temperature 69.5 degrees
*Coldest, Entire Month – May 1997, mean monthly temperature 54.2 degrees


*Greatest Daily Rainfall – 5/25/1997 2.48″
*Wettest Entire Month – May 1858, 6.60″
*Driest Entire Month – May 1911, .42″


*Greatest Daily Snowfall – 5/9/1966, 3.1″
*Latest a trace of snowfall recorded – 5/27/1961

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