March ‘Madness’ Weather Recap

March ‘Madness’ Weather Recap

March 2020 is officially in the books.

In the weather community, March is looked upon as a transitional month with a wide variety of conditions possible on a week to week, or even day to day basis. This year, the 31 day period did not disappoint. Here in Western Pennsylvania we had rain and snow, warm and cold and even a round or two of severe weather!

Here’s a recap of the madness that we endured in March 2020.

*Warmest Temperature was 77 degrees on March 29th
*Coldest Temperature was 19 degrees on March 1st

*The mean high temp for the month was 54.6 and the mean low temp was 36.6. Overall, we finished the month 6 degrees milder than climatology predicted.

*Precipitation was plentiful! The total precipitation for the month was 4.83″, 1.88″ above average. But snowfall was a measly 1″.

Now here’s the most eye popping stat: in 27 of the 31 days, Pittsburgh officially recorded a trace or more of precipitation, with an impressive stretch of 22 days in a row with a trace or more of precipitation.

How about a couple of bonus stats!

*It probably will come as no surprise but the first 3 months of 2020, all have been above average in both temperature and total precipitation.

*In the last 27 months (which goes back to January 1, 2018) Pittsburgh has received 122.11″ of total precipitation. That is a surplus of 37.88″ above average!

To put that into perspective, the average annual precipitation for Pittsburgh is 38.19″,which means we have had about a full years’ surplus of precipitation in the last 27 months. Drought is not a word I’d expect us to use anytime soon!

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