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Chick-fil-A Robinson WhiteBoard Weather: August 30-September 1

Chick-fil-A Robinson WhiteBoard Weather: August 30-September 1

We’ve reached the weekend and it’ll be a longer one because of Labor Day on Monday. If you have outdoor plans this weekend, things look spectacular. Here’s Jeff with your Weekend WhiteBoard Weather sponsored every Friday by Aimee Hernandez and the great people at Chick-fil-A of Robinson.

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Dean Blissman
Dean Blissman

Good to see you, Jeff. My wife and I met you at the Norwin Library Wednesday night. I was the one telling you about the”4 seasons of Pittsburgh”.
Question: Why is the text on your shirt coming over as a reverse screen? If you are direct into the camera, the text should be regular. Are you using a mirror or some other optics that would cause the reversal?

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