Pittsburgh Weather Now Springtime Photo Contest

Pittsburgh Weather Now Springtime Photo Contest

It’s starting to look like springtime in Western Pennsylvania!

We’ve had beautiful weather the past couple of days and it looks as though that will continue through Thursday.

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, the grass is growing and the sun is shining. It’s beautiful outside, and we want you to help show it off. Starting today, we’re asking you to send in your best pictures of “spring”. What constitutes a spring picture? Well, there are really no wrong answers, it could be flowers, birds, the first green buds on a tree–whatever makes you think of springtime! The only rule is that it has to be from this year.

On Sunday the 14th we’ll debut our Spring 2019 photo gallery and award a Chick-fil-A Robinson gift card to the photographer of the picture that we at Pittsburgh Weather Now best embodies the spirit of the season. Then going forward, we’ll give out another gift card each Sunday of the month.

Please send your photo to pittsburghweathernow@gmail.com with the subject line Spring 2019 Photos. When you send us your picture, please include your name, a caption and where you’re from.

Like all of our picture galleries, our Spring 2019 gallery is sponsored by Aaron Buhl and the Buhl Insurance Agency, serving Western Pennsylvania for 20 years. Call 724-443-5610 or visit their site at http://www.buhlagency.com.

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