Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

A huge shoutout to everyone who sent us photos over the weekend. We were absolutely floored by the response! We’ve set up a few galleries already, and we’ll be adding more as time goes by.

We’d like thank (and this is just the preliminary list):

Jacalyn Troup
Lindsday Kulasa
Jennifer Titley
Sharon Brenckle
412 And Beyond by Greg Wehner Jr.
Alexander Panormios
Tina Caye
Melissa Blaine
Laurie Guth-Du Montier
Bryan Fichter
Hreha Photography
Debra Bartos
Gerard Bauer
Robert Davis (who supplied the featured image of this very post!)
Jaimie Charles
Tiny Blossom Photography
The Dwyer Family
Jason Anderson
Jenna Beech
Dane Timmins
Sharon Brenckle
Deb Morgan
Linda Porter
Jenna Beech
Melissa Blaine
Darrah Sephany
Jill Zalenski
Mike Knox

Thank you and keep on watching and reading!

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